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    SUMMARY   (blue-green page)                                      

    FOOTNOTES   (sandy pages)

    MAIN NOTES   (pale green pages)

1. Centralisation (first meaning) - affinity and local

2. Humanism - another meaning
3. Transcendentalism
4. An open society and the five great freedoms
5. The equality myth
6. Subdued scepticism
7. Classification, knowledge, discrimination, prejudice
     and the right to make informed judgements

8. Natural rights - another myth
9. Opposition to religion
10. Limitation of multi-culturalism
11. Moral absolutism
12. Centralisation (second meaning) - personal
       integrity and the broader scope of ethics

13. Centralisation (third meaning) - personal worlds
14. Centralisation (fourth meaning) - moral conscience
15. Centralisation (fifth meaning) - the primitive
       biological basis of moral behaviour

16. Non-violence
17. More on the equality myth
18. Trust, the social environment and neo-socialist

19. "Inverted discrimination"
20. Open-ended
21. Conclusions and reservations

Religious Gunk - Extracts on atheism and religions

1. Respect and offence
2. Tolerance
3. The numbers game (Of starfish and fire)
4. “Equal” and “fair” treatment" - the tax maze
5. Potential
6. More links
7. Individual rights versus concepts
8. Insurance company ethics
9. One or many gods/devils?
10. When smoking and pregnancy might be
       relevant criteria for an employer to use

11. The meaning of "society"
12. The religious indoctrination of children
13. Some problems with utilitarianism
14. Unfamiliarity as a reason for a negative
       attitude towards individuals

15. Social conscience and moral conscience
16. Heaven and hell
17. Which are the most inhumane religions?
18. Are all human beings human?
19. Cultural collisions in France
20. International Manifesto for Atheistic

21. Religion, reason, rifts and re-settlement
22. Human rights - or perhaps not-so-rights
    R-rated: includes remarks on naturalism, language-
    bending, crap, gays, marriage, paedophilia, religion

22B. The Olympics are discriminatory because
        they’re segregated, and still would be if
        they weren’t

23. Free trade and fair trade
24. Creationism - example of an integrity gap