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Sabeto Valley and Mud Pool

If you're staying in Nadi or Lautoka and want to penetrate the pristine heartland of Viti Levu then perhaps this is the place to go, and have a bit of fun at the Sabeto Mud Pool and Hot Spring on returning from the valley.

First be aware that most tours claiming to take you to the Sabeto Valley don't actually go up the best part of valley at all. The furthest they go is to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant in Wailoko Road, which is indeed well worth visiting, but it’s not on the route that goes further up the valley. For this you need to take the Sabeto Road turn-off (I think there's a small run-down bus shelter on the corner) and follow the road past the Stoney Creek Resort, the new Fulton College campus, the Giant Zipline turn-off and Korobebe village turn-off.

The road is rough most of the way and tourists are normally taken by 4-wheel drive vehicle, but, road conditions permitting, it's possible to do it in a taxi. One reliable and honest guy who will take you there for a fair price is Dan's Taxi from Lautoka (phone 9377248). When we went, in July 2016, we were lucky enough to pick up a guide by the side of the road, a lovely lady who asked for nothing but of course we gave her a tip. Well, we did do a couple of diversions for her to deal with some domestic matters.

It's a very pretty trip, terminating in the Fijian village of Navilawa in the Koroyanetu National Heritage Park, with good views of the surrounding countryside. (I’m a bit uncertain of the name of the village, as it’s hard to find names of back-roads and small villages on any map.)

As I said, while in this area you could also visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant with its magnificent collection of orchids and the Sabeto Mud Pool and Hot Spring, both in Wailoko Road, which you reach from Queens Road from a turning which has a Garden of Sleeping Giant sign, a short distance north of the Sabeto Road junction.

As for the mud pools, there appears to be no evidence for their alleged healing powers and I couldn't find any mineral analysis of the water. But don't let this deter you from bathing in the warm spring water or plastering youself with mud. It all looks like a good romp!

For photos of the Sabeto Valley and Mud Pools please see this collection.

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