List of photos of "Tasmania in 17 Days"

These are mostly high resolution photos but often taken in typical Tasmanian weather - gloomy! Many of them have been computer enhanced to brighten them up. Just one photo is not from our camera. You will need a fast computer and broadband connection to view the images quickly. Titles are often vague and some photos may be wrongly identified. For the most part, the terminology used to classify the photos corresponds roughly to that used on the Tasmania Touring Map.

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View over Hobart from Mt Wellington
Hobart city from unknown vantage point
A little bit of Hobart
Franklin Square 1
Franklin Square 2
Hobart buildings 1
Hobart buildings 2
Hobart buildings 3 - wharfside. (Other buildings - see Arthur's Circus, Battery Point, Salamanca Place)
An old sailing ship at the wharf
Salamanca Place 1
Salamanca Place 2
Salamanca Place 3
Salamanca Place 4
The Abel Tasman statue and monument, Salamanca Place
Statue of Abel Tasman (close up)
Colour in the Cascade Gardens
Arthur's Circus 1, Battery Pt
Arthur's Circus 2, Battery Pt
Battery Point 1
Battery Point 2
Battery Point 4
Battery Point 5
Battery Point 6
Botanic Gardens
Botanic Gardens - begonias
Botanic Gardens - flowers
Nelson Signal Station - view
The Shot Tower
View from a beach to the Shot Tower hill
View of the Tasman Bridge from a point in the Domain
Cruising under the Tasman Bridge
View of the Tasman Bridge from an unknown vantage point
Tasman Bridge with sunglasses, from Alexanders Battery

Hobart environs

Iron Pot Lighthouse
Kingston Beach
Runnymede House
Alpenrail model railway 1
Alpenrail model railway 2
Alpenrail model railway 3
Alpenrail model railway 4
Alpenrail model railway 5
Mt Wellington
A view from Mt Wellington
Another view from Mt Wellington
Lookout shelter on Mt Wellington
The Pinnacle on Mt Wellington
Now you see it, now you don't. Mist swathes the Pinnacle and a visitor flies in the clouds

Convict Trail (Port Arthur region)

Port Arthur 1
Port Arthur 2
Port Arthur 4
Port Arthur 5
Port Arthur 6
Port Arthur 7
Bridge at Richmond
Church at Richmond
Near Eaglehawk Neck
The extraordinary Tessellated Pavement near Eaglehawk Neck

East Coast Escape

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park
A coastal scene (unknown)
Tasmanian Devil in the East Coast Birdlife and Animal Park

North East Trail (St Helens-Launceston via Lilydale)

Looking east over the Pyengana vale and beyond
Tree ferns in a forest reserve by the road
Lilydale Falls

Launceston & Tamar Valley Touring Route

Launceston city buildings 1
Launceston city buildings 2
Launceston city buildings 3
Launceston city buildings 4
Launceston city buildings 5
Launceston city buildings 6
Launceston city buildings 7
Launceston city buildings 8
Launceston city buildings 9
Cataract Gorge
Low Head Lighthouse
View from Swan Point over the Tamar valley
Water tank (?) painted by a TV crew, George Town (?)

Great Nature Trail (north coast)

The Spirit of Tasmania at Devonport
Burnie - a park
Annesleigh Gardens 1
Annesleigh Gardens 2
Annesleigh Gardens 3
Annesleigh Gardens 4
Annesleigh Gardens 5
Guide Falls
The Penguin at Penguin!
View of Stanley and the Nut
Stanley - View from the Nut summit
Stanley - View from the Nut chairlift
Nut chairlift - heading down
Nut chairlift - swinging high

Central North inland region

National Arboretum - saw platypus in this pond, but ducks were all I could snap!
Marakoopa Caves - stalactites
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake
Evandale pub
Longford - a well known café
The Woolmers Estate house
National Rose Garden, Woolmers Estate
National Rose Garden, roses
National Rose Garden, roses
Westbury church
One of several murals at Sheffield
View over one of the Tasmazia hedge mazes
The Village of Lower Crackpot at Tasmazia
Lateral thinking in Tasmazia
Lake Barrington view from road to Devils Gate
Mountain view (unknown)
Mountain view (unknown)
Mountain view (unknown)
Mountain view (unknown)

West Coast Wilderness Way

Strahan - Ormiston House
Strahan - Old Post and Customs Office
The West Coast Wilderness Railway train at Strahan station
Strahan - Macquarie Harbour - lighthouse
Strahan - Macquarie Harbour - fish farm
Strahan - Macquarie Harbour - competing cruiseboats
Gordon River cruise
Gordon River cruise
Moss by the Gordon River
More moss by the Gordon River
Mackintosh (?) Dam
Mackintosh (?) Dam
Extensive mountain view (unknown location)

Queenstown & Rivers Run (central/south inland)

The worst of Queenstown (and Tasmania)
River near Queenstown
Hydro-electric scheme near Queenstown 1
Hydro-electric scheme near Queenstown 2
Lake St Clair 1
Lake St Clair 2
Echidna on the shore of Lake St Clair
Nelson Falls
Nelson River
Russel Falls
At Russel Falls
Russel Falls creek
A soft touch on the way to Russel Falls

Huon Trail

Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 2
Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 3
Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 4
Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 6
Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 1 - looking down a tree
Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 7 - looking up a tree
Tahune Forest Reserve Airwalk 8
Big tree in Tahune State Forest Reserve
On a forest walk somewhere
Colour in the State Forest
View over tree ferns in the State Forest
Huon Pine in the Tahune Forest Reserve
Leaves of the myrtle, commonest tree in Tasmania
A forest creek
Another forest creek
A river unknown
More boats
Waterside village view (unknown)
Water view (unknown)
Apple orchard with a view
Sailing boats somewhere along the shore
Gordon - monument to discoverer of the region
The Train Market at Margate


Anne's Old Rectory, Dover
The common lounge/dining room at Anne's Old Rectory
Garden scene at Anne's Old Rectory, Dover
Kabulki by the Sea - restaurant with a view
View from Riverbella, Kingston
Another view from Riverbella
Part of the spacious Riverbella accommodation
Touchwood Cottage, Stanley
A bedroom in Touchwood Cottage

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