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"Central Humanism" is a convenience label for the broad philosophy of life outlined in Central Humanism Hub. It does not name any organisation or stand for any neat definition or fixed set of affirmations.
This page lists 21 of its principal aims, values and premises
(not in order of priority).

The foremost
values of






Variety the spice of life

The key
to a bright





Variety is the spice of life, no-one is equal to anyone,
but everyone should be treated fairly.
Cartoon - "Crowd Doodle" by brilliant UK-based illustrator
David O'Connell

Central Humanism seeks to:
  • Encourage self-responsibility and self-determination, and curb the invasion of personal responsibility by authorities such as government and the churches. Our responsibilities lie firstly with ourselves, our families and those closest to us. Humanism entails being human - trying to maintain one's own humanity and if possible to improve it. Individuals must shoulder the responsibility of being human themselves, provided there are no circumstances preventing them from doing so.

  • Eliminate vicious nonsense and oppose those who promote it. Vicious nonsense comprises all those absurd beliefs that many people take seriously and use to guide their lives (in contrast to nonsense with entertainment value only). These include not only religious beliefs and supernaturalism but popular notions of equality, natural rights, scientism and various pseudo-ethical stances such as moral relativism. Central Humanism supports the cultivation of consistent moral attitudes across all societies.

  • Develop robust concepts of truth and personal integrity. The bedrock of Central Humanism is meaningfulness (in everything we speak and write) - a pre-requisite for all rational thought and for evaluating the truth of any statement.

  • Uphold respect for the dignity of individuals, though not necessarily for their attitudes and beliefs.

  • Promote a free and open society - a society of educated, open-minded, freethinking people who are:
    • free from hunger, disease, pain and poverty
    • free from the ravages of war and crime
    • free from political and institutional oppression and censure
    • free from personal abuse and intrusion
    • free from delusion, misinformation, cultural hang-ups, taboos and unethical customs.
    Central Humanism is a philosophy for independent, reflective, creative individuals, not for the mindless disciples of authority.

  • Address urgent global issues - those for which there are strong grounds for assuming that they could very soon affect the lives of all human beings regardless of the present circumstances of their society. The most important need by far, globally and for Australia, is to curb population growth. We must wake up to the fact that a rapidly increasing number of practices related to the population explosion – especially those linked to global warming and the use (misuse) of basic resources (such as water, oil, forest, air, land) – are becoming important universal ethical issues and demand immediate collaborative action from governments world-wide.

  • Vigorously defend atheism. Central Humanism argues that all religion is fundamentally misguided and unethical, in dogma and in practice, and makes the obvious point that some religions are worse than others and that the level of personal involvement in religion is extremely variable.

  • Strongly condemn the religious indoctrination of young children.

  • Demand secularism in government and education, and total separation of church and state affairs.

  • Promote a trusting society in Australia and oppose the sociological and governmental trends that undermine trust and accommodate the "ratbags" to the disadvantage of the majority. Our society is losing the thread when it comes to protecting civil liberties and dealing with crime.

  • Insist on equal access to justice for all citizens of Australia, regardless of financial circumstances.

  • Inculcate a deep respect for nature and our planet, especially all intelligent forms of life; preserve the beauty and diversity of the Earth for future generations; make known the many benefits of vegetarianism.

  • Encourage individuals to commit to eradicating all groundless beliefs from their thinking and to guide their lives with common sense, reason, practical experience and factual knowledge.

  • Support the endeavours of all civilised societies in promoting wellbeing and progress and fighting savagery, ignorance, pain and poverty. Extend these aims to appreciating the finer things in life and promoting education and artistry.

  • Foster an appreciation of the fact that our personal life-experiences furnish everything we will ever know about reality. We carry our worlds around with us, so to speak, dwelling at the centre of our own unique universes, the only universe that exists for each of us. This view of life provides the main grounds for advocating personal liberty and self-determination, as well as respect for other people.

  • Embody the main values of secular humanism, contemporary rationalism, free-thought philosophies, empiricism, pragmatism and naturalism.

  • Replace various potentially harmful neo-sociological concepts such as equality, discrimination, political correctness and offence, with more practical concepts that do not undermine the fundamental processes of reason or unduly restrict our lifestyle choices.

  • Support projects targeting the survival and advancement of civilization

  • Work towards defining human beings by their behaviour, not by their genes

  • Advocate in situ remedies to improve the lot of people in third-world countries, and of destitute children abandoned to the streets and institutions throughout the world - together with and subject to various conditions, such as implementation of birth control policies, political reform, provision of a sound, secular education for all children and guarantees that the right people will benefit.

  • Embrace "soft" multiculturalism in Australia while restricting those "hard" elements of imported culture which are incompatible with the established values and laws of our country.

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