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Fiji Islands


Lautoka! Lautoka! - All about

   All about the remarkable Sugar City of Lautoka - a detailed account of its
   people, industries, services, schools, institutions, accommodation,
   weather and prospects  

500 Lautoka pix  

   500+ photos on all kinds of subjects taken in and around Lautoka and the
   nearby small islands  

Lautoka maps  

   Comprehensive downloadable street maps of Lautoka city and suburbs  

The Other Side of Fiji  

   Critical comments on travel through the islands of eastern and north-
   eastern Fiji  

Photos of Fiji's other side  

   Photos of Fiji's eastern side - the most beautiful side?  

Sabeto Valley and Mud Pool  

   Brief notes on the real Sabeto Valley and Mud Pool  


   Sabeto Valley, Sabeto Mud Pools, Sigatoka, Kulu Wildlife Reserve,
   Vuda Point, Port Denarau, Capricorn International Hotel Nadi
English for Fiji-Indians
(and Fijian pronunciation for tourists)

   How to speak English - what your Indian teachers never told you. A guide
   for Indians from Fiji and elsewhere. Plus a brief guide to Fijian
   pronunciation for western tourists.  

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