A summary of my "political manifesto"

Australian politics needs drastic reform at every level
Also see Central Humanism Summary    

Two underlying predicaments:

1. Human beings are their own worst enemies and the Earth's most destructive pest. Yet people as individuals are as close to the miraculous as you can get.

2. Individuals inhabit their own private worlds, the only worlds they can ever know, and it is from this standpoint that they assess their political needs and cast their votes. The real world at large - the world that most affects their lives - is an entirely different kettle of fish, and few are able to grasp it. Only those few are fit to be our leaders, few if any politicians are among them and democratic elections cannot find them.

A chronic concern:

What kind of world will our children and grandchildren be living in?

How to pay for reform (and everything else we're owing):

State governments: Abolish them!!! Australia is grossly over-governed. Expected savings of at least $30 billion/yr

Health care programs: Reduce inefficiencies and wastage and restrict their objectives and scope

Corporate tax avoidance: eliminate it!

A tentative Mission statement: major objectives and reforms(in no particular order, as the order of importance is not the same as the order in which the issues need to be addressed)

1. Immediate steps to halt population growth, both locally and globally - the world population explosion is the root cause of many high-priority problems. It should have been dealt with decades ago. All overseas aid should be conditional upon the beneficiary governments introducing emphatic measures to lower birth rates. In Australia the financial burden of bearing and raising children should be entirely the responsibility of individuals, and they should be educated to understand that resposibility. Exceptional circumstances apart, there should be no child support at all from the government, other than in education. Large families should be perceived as highly unethical (of course excluding families of predominantly adopted children).

2. Immediate steps to reduce global warming - this includes phasing out coal mining, a stern carbon tax and setting more stringent milestones for reducing carbon emissions.

3. Abolish State Governments - as well as the enormous direct economic benefit ($20-40 billion/year?), many other advantages would ensue from the consolidation and unification of political control, laws, taxation, health provision, education, industrial rekations, transport, environmental managementt and other areas where the States currently differ from one another.

4. All areas of government and public life should be totally secular and religion, which has serious intellectual and ethical concerns, should be discouraged.

5. Drastic tax reform - the taxation system is far too complicated, a total mess. It needs to be completely replaced so that (amongst many other conditions) the following “golden rule” applies: If it's possible for any person, corporation or other taxable entity to reduce their tax by shifting funds* around, then the system contains unnecessary inequalities, complications and restrictions. The day the last tax consultant disappears from the face of Australia will be the day we have a sound, ethical taxation system in place. * "Funds" means any income-producing entity or growth asset. Ideally a flat personal tax rate should be in place; it's better to let wage structures adapt than to fiddle with tax.

6. A different approach to maintaining law and order and dealing with crime - the “prevention is better than cure” philosophy has gone way overboard, resulting in a Nanny State that treats everybody like potential criminals. Parents/guardians must take much more responsibility for the crimes of minors. Let’s get trust, self-responsibility and freedom back into society. Get the offenders out of the public domain and leave the rest of us alone! A radically different approach to the ethics of dealing with the worst criminals is required. I'd suggest the concept of "human being" could be based on behavioural rather than genetic considerations. This would enable some creatures with the genetic profile of Homo sapiens to be reclassified as sub-human so they would forfeit all the responsibities and most of the rights of human beings (but this does not imply that we should treat them inhumanely).

7. Revise the judiciary system - everybody should have equal access to justice regardless of financial circumstances. The courts should observe strict adherence to the maxim “Innocent until proven guilty” and a requirement for indisputable evidence of guilt.

8. Defence and Security - a top priority for any society. As well as internal security and the need to be fully prepared and responsive to natural catastrophes, a strong military defence against possible external aggression must be maintained.

9. Immigration - we may have a duty to accommodate a reasonable number of genuine refugees, no matter how they got here, but other immigration (especially from countries with cultures that are vastly different from our own) should be tightly restricted. (Issues - local jobs, assimilation, overpopulation).

10. Broader education - to enrich young people for life and not just employment. With a wider knowledge base people will be better equipped to make sound judgements, wise decisions and to behave responsibly and ethically.

11. Human rights and responsibilities - these should be attributed to individuals, not to couples or other civil partnerships. This step would make disputes over gay marriages etc redundant. Marriage (and similar) contracts should focus on the rights of children and the responsibilites of guardians.

12. Politicians, especially those in high places: should possess intelligence, appropriate formal qualifications and a breadth of experience.

13. Ethical government and guidance - Australia's ethical milieu lags far behind its progress in most other important areas. Most people's moral thinking is misguided, biased and replete with inconsistencies. Strong messages need to be conveyed to the community to improve understanding of important issues with ethical implications, and the Government needs to lead by example. It could start in a small way by abolishing most incentives and temporary bonuses, which often undermine personal responsibilty, grossly unfair (due to targeting and limited currency) and have minimal effect on the economy. In general this manifesto supports programs to move responsibility from State to individuals.

14. Australia should become a republic - but this not an issue of major importance.

15. Many other interests (and/or the concepts underlying them) are in need of reform, for example "equality", religion, language, political correctness, wage structures*, marriage, other human rights issues and animal rights.

*On this matter, the author of a new book (Sep 2017, author and title forgotten) takes pay equality to the extreme by proposing that there be a single national wage, available to anyone who wants to work for it, regardless of the type of job or age, sex and education of the applicant. A radical idea deserving consideration.

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