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Musical trifles - audio tracks, lead-sheets and scores



Links to a few lead-sheets, piano or band scores and a couple of audio tracks of some naive musical trifles

Although these little ditties are "straight out of my head", it's possible they are not all entirely original. You might find some of the melodies (worthless though they are) have an air of familiarity about them. Owing to my outdated sequencing program, notation is a bit dodgy and expression marks scarce.

Pseudo-pop slush

Lead-sheets and lyrics for a couple of theme songs. The lyrics on the Gold! lead-sheets are practically illegible unless you blow them up (with a bomb if you like!)

Gold! - an Olympic jingle for raucous soloist and out-of-tune children's choir - lead-sheet

Gold! lyrics

Song of Life (She walks alone) - a song of clichés about a third-world child - lead-sheet
Requires two voices, or tenor and choir, or one voice with a wide range and powerful upper register.

Song of Life - instrumental backing score for acoustic guitar, keyboard (rhodes), fretless bass and strings x 2; excluding percussion (except for guide on first page) and melody boost needed for last chorus  NB: total score is approx 1.77MB; pages are accessed individually, each approx 93KB
In this version the 3rd verse ends with a terrible cliché.

Song of Life - LISTEN to MP3  NB: total download is 3.38MB, but this should play as it downloads (if an options panel appears, click 'open' and wait)
In this version the vocal part is taken by piano.

Song of Life lyrics

Quasi-classical debris

My very first attempts at this type of music. Much easier to write than pops. Trying to get words to match tunes is no joke, and scoring the backing for the vocalist is hard yakker even with the help of computer software. I think I'll go down the "straight" track from now on.

Dabble 1 for piano - score

Dabble 1 - LOOK, NO HANDS! audio  NB: total download is 2.16MB, but this should play as it downloads (if an options panel appears, click 'open' and wait)
This is played by a computer, not by a human being; hence the rather expressionless performance.

Dabble 2 for piano - score

Dabble 3 piano duet - score