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My philosophical outlook  

   My philosophical position and how I reached it - a brief personal history
   of ideas and influences.  

Wotser Proper Filossofer?  

   Philosophers' business - its essential features and importance. “Proper
   philosophers” are non-specialist system builders who take on board a
   wide range of “essential” philosophical outlooks, and who hold a deep
  respect  for meaningfulness and simple language.  

Six kinds of proposition
and the edges of normality
truth on trial, necessity negated, deflationism deflated, purportment promoted  

   A very long article claiming that there are six basic, mutually exclusive
   kinds of proposition, none of which is strictly analytic, but which
   encompass all meaningful expressions about the world and our
   interaction with it. A propositional scheme is developed from them.
   Further discussion ensues on the nature of truth and a theory of
   puportment is proposed. It is also suggested that the boundaries
   between kinds of proposition are not sacrosanct and that their
   dissolution will lead to a radically different view of the world. 

What the World is
made of


   Serious and not so serious remarks on the mathematical nature
   of the universe.  

What Existence is not,
and what it might be


   This set of remarks is chiefly about what existence is not (the many
   concepts with which it often gets confused), and concludes with a few
   ideas about its possible nature.  

A ravenous tale - the induction and falsifiability delusions  


   Remarks on the delusions of induction and falsifiability (Popper).  

Domestic and dictionary meanings in natural language  


   Remarks on the delusions of referring and the particularity of proper

Xmas diversions: paradoxes
of Relativity & Zeno


   Paradoxes about gravity and parallel lines, and discussion of Xeno’s
   Achilles and the Tortoise paradox. With a contrasting introduction about
   tsunamis and bushfires.  

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