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My favourite poems include E.E. Cummings's somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond, Dylan Thomas's three related "nature" poems: Fern Hill, Poem in October and Over Sir John's Hill and some of the verse of Gerard Manley Hopkins. In the classical rhyming style, I like some of the shorter poems of Wordsworth best, e.g. Upon Westminster Bridge, as well as various other short poems, such as this little gem by Robert Frost.

A few of my own pitiful inventions (including failed song lyrics!) can be found here



Acknowledgment: I am eternally grateful to Dr Ian V. Hansen, an educationist from Adelaide who visited the UK in the late 1950's, for introducing me to the works of Dylan Thomas and for encouraging my interest in jazz. His autobiography, The Naked Fish, appeared in 2002, and he has many prior publications to his name, including a book of his own poetry, The captain and the birds (1971).

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