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Was there ever a time when absurdity, arbitrariness, inconsistency and
impotency in public opinion and political action were more visible?



A summary of my "political manifesto"  

   Why the Australian Constitution and political agenda need to be
   drastically overhauled: a tentative Mission statement: major objectives
   and reforms  

Religious Gunk  

   The absurdity of religion - extracts from Central Humanism Hub etc,
   re-organised and extended  

When Society comes First  

   How Australian society is being choked by inverted attitudes of the
   bureaucrasy towards criminals  

Abolish the States!  

   Why the States of Australia, as political and administrative entities, should
   be abolished  

Seven deadly myths of modern society  

   Myths, some old, some new, but all still prevalent in today's world. How
   easily we’ve been brainwashed with this arrant nonsense! (Based on
   material in Central Humanism Hub and originally published in Australian
No. 98 Winter 2010, pp 9-12)  

The Australian Tax Morass  

   Why the Australian taxation system needs to be replaced by a much
   simpler structure  

Anti-religious aphorisms  

   Aphorisms and epigrams, mine and others’, deriding religion and various
   aspects of religion  

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