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Some of these poems and song lyrics were initiated as long as 45 years ago. Although
most of them have been heavily revised, I cannot vouch for the originality of every line

Everything on this webpage is © 2004 Dave Robinson

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Introduction and Summary

A man of few words pens these lines:
the fog descends, he does not think.
So little is there to be said,
the rhyme runs dry before the ink...

Upon migrating to Australia

Here in a craze of green hills tumbling beside the sea
I wonder at what I am at
and over the turning endlessly over of waves the blatant sun
blears, the sizzling fly smears my windowed senses.
Something young in me stirs, as old as days ago, as tall as years,
and I cannot tell how or what
though each neat frisking cloud spills out more of it
until I spy that somewhere a cornucopia lurks
of lost enchantments, amongst whom there myself abundantly dwells.
It is a bridge for crossing over; it is a birth of southern stars.

Stealing you

Nicely clear you keep of me
wishing you here, repining there awhile
as winter increasing from want of fire
writes off the golden raft of fall.
Angels may not escape so easily:
from secret corners I steal you, unfurl
you by flaring candle and faded rose
as last I saw you, ever so slenderly
arresting. From a silent tress
the barbed air recoils, a fleeting shadow
freezes in the angles of your face
and suddenly everywhere
silver chords tumble, quizzing me gently.
Like sun on snow your wayward smile
(a breathing season's breadth ahead)
cheers, and over wine whose golden eye    
beckons nearly oh how
nearly between folding fingers
you shed a tear such as this I see
clinging to a broken memory.


Under a hill fat and bowling
three bottled men smoke sheep's wool,
three thin and a mouldy cat in
muck high farm near creek's edge.

Who's this? Opening junk door,
dude worming in on scabbed belly
through the beetle thick dust:
'Light my lamb pipe with a feather'.

Out of the cupboard a mile long
springs with teeth an ape
of a man, squats in bug hearth
and measures his wool thrice.

Under fat hill by creek sedge
five smoke weedily around a
pot with a blowfly in it:
the sliced moon grows cold and low.

Sniff a blood snuff, suck a snail,
dash to dark water, reflect Venus:
a naked body croons, four plus cat drown,   
a bubble rises big as an udder

in trout grey farm, under the hill.


my love
       for you
              is like
                     the snow
                              in one
                                   crisp week
                                           it grows
                                                 this deep    
                                          then comes
                                  the thaw
                          and love
                  and snow
          live here
  no more

As if you

As if you seeing as you do
the world a dream for muddling through
could play at keeper and controller
and be for all these creatures chief consoler.
As if you too were not imprisoned still
(though like a bird of paradise you freely fill
the air with shimmering and with splendour)
behind hollow bars, harsh nullity of will
your absent ant-like ways to wander.
As if the skies would heed your squealed
call, would rain or apples ever fall, would tears? –
the cement of years walled in won’t yield
to torrent or trumpet or untamed cheers.
But now under stars a fool’s kiss unframes you,
a cheap touch lames you; though you yourself betray,
so darkly enclosed yet so openly astray
you willingly surrender, come smilingly away.

The Yule Log

(to my Mother, who started this off)

Sitting by the embers
of a Yule log in December
I muse over days long gone,
a solitary man.
Memories cannot tell who lies
in the mystic Yule: eyes
and mouth are there,
feet and hands where
the dancing elfin light
conjures roses from the night;
and in the flickering glow
the screenplay of my life reruns
as bold as years ago
as bright as southern suns.

Snap! The sudden crackle of
new fire turns my mind about
to the 5th of Nov
when children leap and shout
with flames and with sky-
rockets roaring high
and ginger bread comes mixed
with the smell of lantern wicks.
But now Jack Frost again
illuminates the window pane
delicately confronting me
with crisp silver filigree;
the unpitying snow lies
cold to the toes, hot
to my old eyes -
and I blow my nose a lot.

to one disabled in combat

you cannot stroke the flame so nicely flat
it only turns and twists and burns a blinding track
then stardust leave you, steel retrieve you from that
indignity whose floundering holds you oh so firmly back

no angel would believe the battled legend of your life
this empty shoe would rather share your blistering raids of truth
if only games had braved you, concord had saved your strife
would maestros then or mice defend the measure of your worth?   

forget the knotted wound, untie the forgotten mind
follow the sky, swallow the sea, surround these galaxies of sand
a clock unclicks tomorrow while tonight an organ grinds
alarmingly out grim augury of unadventured ground


Whom shall I wed?  A chance fling in bed.
Who is my son?  A knot come undone.
What is this mind?  A sob in the wind.
Where goes my life?  Through tunnels of strife.
When shall I die?  When I’m tickled by a fly.
Who was that guy?  A wrinkle in the sky.

(I hasten to add this not literally about the author!)


Sydney Olympics song lyrics
A jingle for raucous soloist and out-of-tune children's choir
Normal script = solo, Italics = choir,
Green = rude solo interjections over passionate chorus
One chorus line = two verse lines (i.e. no. of bars, either Mars or pub)
Music (lead-sheet) here

There's a fever all around you
Sensation in the air
You can see it in those smiling eyes
You can feel it everywhere
There's action on the harbour
There's dancing in the park
And a word keeps going around and 'round
Burnin' deep in Aussie hearts

Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!
Gold! Gold! Make the dream come true
Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!
Let's show the world Australia can win

There's a bridge across the nations
White sails filled out with song
A song of peace to every one
Wherever you belong
There's a fire blazing bright
Striking hope in every soul
'Cos champs from every corner know
To win is their only goal

Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!   (Wanna hear our song playin')
Gold! Gold! Make the dream come true   (Wanna see our flag flyin')
Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!   (Wanna see those smiles)
Let's show the world Australia can win

Run like an emu
Jump like a roo
Swim like a dolphin
Shoot fair and true
Dive like a platypus
Ride like the wind
Fight like a dingo
Play the game to the end

Gold! (Gold!) Gold! Go for that Gold!   (Come on now you champions!)
Gold! (Gold!) Gold! Make the dream come true   (Believe in it!)
Gold! (Gold!) Gold! Go for that Gold!   (Step it up, step it up!)
Let's show the world Australia can win

If you believe in livin'
You can only try and try
And if you can see the mountain track
There's a way to reach the sky
Don't let the world defeat you
Grey clouds will roll aside
You're headin' home, just keep on goin'
Till the sunshine fills your life

Gold! Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!    (You can make it now)
Gold! Gold! Gold! Make the dream come true    (Reach for the stars)
Gold! Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!    (Hang onto that dream)
Let's show the world Australia can win

We've got the spirit
Got the team
We've got the winners
To bring us home
That's our flag flying
They're playing our song
And there's our hero
At number one

Gold! Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!   (We're coming home now)
Gold! Gold! Gold! Make the dream come true   (Gimme our song again)
Gold! Gold! Gold! Go for that Gold!   (Nothing can stop you now)
Let's show the world Australia can win


(She Walks Alone)
Music scores and audio here

She walks alone, a child without a name
No place to lay her head, no-one to share her fear and pain
You can feel the trembling in her mind
How can a rosebud ever bloom in a world that's so unkind?

All her life
War and want
Graft and grime
Her lips are dry, her feet are bare
All rags and bones and she's goin' nowhere
She's still got hope, still got pride
When will the world come to her side?

You can see the sadness in her eyes
The darkness of the night can't hide the torture in her cries
Hold her close and she will find a smile
You can't imagine how it feels to touch a life on trial

All the world
Hides in shame
Song of Life! -
How can you play if no one tries?
Forget the rage, turn down the lies
Ignore the filth, shake off the flies
Will she ever laugh before she cries?
Will there ever be a bright sunrise?

She walks alone on a dry and dusty plane
The grey clouds in her mind can't fill the sky to bring the rain
Unlock your heart and you could set her free
Another song, another life, a golden bridge across the sea

Worlds apart
Years gone by
Still she climbs
A hill too high, a road too long
Trapped in hell and she's never done wrong
A torn rag doll holding hands with the dead
One step wrong and she'll be blown to shreds
Oh Song of Life, friend of blue skies
How can you play if no-one tries?
Will she ever laugh before she cries?
Will there ever be a bright sunrise?
Will she find her dream — before she dies?